Community Groups

Community Groups meet each week to eat, do bible study and discuss how to live for Jesus. Real Life has different Community Groups that meet off campus 3 out of 4 weeks each month. The first week of the month is our large group meeting we call Real Life.

Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting is held on a Tuesday at 7PM. Please text, call 231 287 5080 or email for the location and date of our monthly meeting. We would love to have you join us! Our meeting is pretty casual with some worship music, teaching from the Bible and some interactive discussion. The other weeks of the month we meet in Community Groups off campus.


Real Life has different events happening each week. We’d love for you to come and hangout with us at one of our events. Please check the calendar for what’s happening this week. Click the icon above to view our calendar with times and dates of future events. Please text/call us if you need a ride or want more information! (231) 287-5080

  • Fall Retreat – Every year in the first few weeks of October we have our Fall Retreat.  We usually go to a nearby camp for 2 nights of fun, friends and great times connecting with Jesus. You won’t want to miss this.  Check out our calendar page in October to find out exact dates and times. Click the icon above to view pictures from our last retreat!
  • Community Group Overnight – This is a great time to go deeper with your friends in the Community Group.  You will have great snacks, times in the Word and prayer together. It’s only one night but it is so fun and will take your friendships to the next level. We usually do these in the Spring semester. You won’t want to miss this! Click the icon above to view pictures from our last Community Group Overnight!

Want More Information?

Questions or interested in more? Fill out this form, or email us and we’ll get in contact with you for more information regarding events and future involvement!